It's About Heat

Replacing fossil heating energy with regenerative electricity

Rethinking Necessary

Covering the majority of heat demand by efficient own consumption of photovoltaics and other renewables

The Goal

Drastically saving energy from oil, gas and coal to allow for the environment to recover

Overview Facts

A new development is successful if it supersedes current technology

To achieve the greatest efficiency possible, we offer a solution that makes the produced energy completely usable. It will remain accessible as long and as comfortable as possible.

What we have achieved is
more than the sum of its parts

Flexibility makes our technology the optimum in diverse settings of installations. As stand-alone heating system in connection with photovoltaics it offers best conditions for new buildings or restorations.
Especially the ability to integrate in existing setups is the key by which it outperforms all current solutions in terms of efficiency gain.
With total added benefit for user and environment alike.

Matching nature's ideal
to achieve maximum effectiveness

Just like plants don't grow by sunlight itself, but by turning its energy into usable substances, we offer the possibility to turn solar energy into something essential. Heat is the foundation of living comfort.

The Result of Our Development is Groundbreaking

Instant-on carbon fiber heating system with Smart Temperature Balance cell.

Optimized for efficiency on low production days, gaining maximum benefits from your renewable installation.

  • High-tech

    The core is a carbon fiber heating element. It completely transforms electrical into thermal energy.

  • Instant heat

    The smart temperature balance cell provides for instantly available hot water. Excess heat can be stored.

  • Flexibility

    The intelligent setup allows for easy power scaling and upgrading.

  • Grid control

    Operators can integrate the system into the grid to control energy extremes.

  • Integration

    Broad range of smart home controls. Easy integration into existing underfloor or radiator type systems.

  • Safety

    Pressure-free, non-combustible operation. No moving parts render regular services obsolete.

  • Ecology

    In service exactly as clean as the electricity that is used. An ecological footprint up to 100% free of emissions.

  • Comfort

    The system adapts to the needs of the user, not vice versa.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Low costs from purchase and installation to service provide for rapid amortization.

  • Profit

    After amortization completely cost-free heating. Maximum revenues from your PV installation.

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